Pakou & Shri’s Hindu Wedding – Madison Wisconsin, Wedding Photographers



Pakou and Shri were married in a gorgeous Hindu ceremony at the Monona Terrace in Madison Wisconsin. It was the most colorful event we’ve ever captured and could not justify posting any black & white images in this blog post. Thank you Pakou and Shri for sharing your amazing one of a kind day with us.

From the couples program, A hindu wedding is more than the union of two individuals. It signifies the union of two families. It is performed in accordance with the sacred scriptures, Veda’s, which date back to ancient times. It is conducted in Sanskrit, the language of the Veda’s. The Ceremony itself is a collection of various rituals and popular Indian customs sanctified by the holy fire (Agni), a symbol of universal energy. It is performed by the bride and the groom, guided by the priest (purohitha), supported by the parents, family members and friends, and is witnessed and blessed by God.

Wedding & Reception Venue: Monona Terrace, Madison Wisconsin / Table Decor & Styling: Manona Terrace , Madison Wisconsin/ Hair & Makeup: Kendra Gasser, Wisconsin / DJ:Style Matters DJ /Officiant: Raghuchandra Bhat / Dress: Charisma India / Cake: Craigs Cake Shop, Verona Wisconsin.

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